FAQs on Local Search Marketing2016-10-26T10:21:37-04:00
What is Local Search Marketing?2014-09-03T07:58:51-04:00

The process of Local Search Marketing means continually optimizing your business listings in a wide range of search engines, directories and social media sites. We handle this process for you to help new customers find your business when they are searching for the products and services you offer.

Do I need a website for these Local Search Marketing Services?2014-07-14T18:00:59-04:00

The short answer is no. We focus on helping new customers find your location, phone number and some basic business information. If you do not have a website your business can still appear in search results and gain new customers. Our service includes a basic website, so if you do not have one, we will provide one for you.

I’m near the top of Google, do I need Local Search Marketing?2014-09-03T08:52:58-04:00

Our Local Search Marketing services are in place to help you achieve the highest ranking for your category, and then keep you there. Being near the top of Google is great, but staying there requires ongoing management of your local search marketing efforts not just in Google but in hundreds of other directories, social media sites, and user review sites.

If you have already have someone in place  monitoring your business listings in hundreds of directories, updating photos, offers, keywords and copy monthly, then you are all set! If not, give us a call so our team can evaluate your listings and get you started.

Why do I need someone to manage my online advertising?2016-10-26T10:21:46-04:00

The sheer number of online advertising options online is staggering. A business owner could simply select one based on their own internal evaluation, move forward and hope for the best. A better option would be to use a company like HitLocals for your online advertising management. We have run hundreds of online campaigns for clients and have real world experience managing campaigns to lower your costs and get the most out of your advertising dollars.

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